Being and doing our best is a necessity in this rapidly changing world.  Our professional roles, personal relationships, and every aspect of life in between asks us to bring our best selves.  This can be challenging in our fast-paced and involved lives. We may have a sense that something needs to change but struggle to bring it into our reality. We need spaces and sounding boards which nurture our abilities to develop authentically.

This is where coaching comes in.

Coaching helps people to develop the qualities, skills, and competencies which are needed to meet whatever issues, aspirations, or breakdowns they are experiencing. Coaching helps people to see the barriers that may have been unseen and to find new of breaking through them.

As your coach it is my job to understand how you experience every aspect of your life and to help you step into greater fulfillment. Each person comes to coaching with their own individual challenges and circumstances. I tailor each person’s program specifically to their needs so that they can make the progress that is important to them. Together, we will explore thought process’, emotions, and somatics which can lead to new possibilities and lasting changes in life.

What is Integral Coaching?

Integral coaching is an incredibly transformative process which is designed to helps clients fully integrate all of themselves into thought and action. It takes into account the full scope of who each person is in such a way that they are able to break through the barriers holding them back personally and professionally. It is “Integral” in that all aspects of each person are addressed: mind, body, and soul. This goes far beyond the scope of most improvement programs. Integral coaching impacts people deeply and meaningfully for their whole life. 

This methodology is designed to be comprehensive: The complexity of who you are and how you bring yourself to the world will be seen and met with the utmost care. Your coaching program will be specifically tailored to you…your life, your needs. Together, we will develop your ability to meet every facet of your life with confidence.

Integral coaching is meant to empower individuals to face the challenges in their lives with competence and resilience.

What are people saying?

“Ann Marie is a fantastic coach who had such an impact on my well-being during a transitional and frustrating period in my life. Her warm and welcoming personality provides a safe space to explore one's needs and personal growth. She equipped me with many practices and exercises to help me balance my life and focus on what matters most. I appreciate her constant support, unconditional compassion, and calming energy. Anyone and everyone would benefit from her influence.” - Lena

“Ann Marie helped me look at things more holistically and through her suggested practices, I was able to find more focus and calmness in my life. I found her approach positive, grounding and motivating. I would recommend her coaching services and am happy we had the opportunity to work together” -Rachel