I’m the product of two caring Midwestern parents who brought me up in an environment of music, curiosity, compassion, and perfectionism. Anything worth doing was worth doing well, and we were going to take care of other people while we did it. These values were applied to every aspect of my youth…from making music together, painting houses in our family business and everything else that goes along with growing up.

My journey in life so far has taken these values into everything I’ve done. I’ve had some unexpected twists and turns but it seems that I’ve always found a way to follow my own inner-guidance. I’ve earned two degrees in music education, taught youth ages 3-83, and traveled to some beautiful places making music with others. Through it all I have been most passionate about doing my part to make my corner of the world a little bit better for the people in it.

These are the intentions I bring into my coaching work as well. I hope to meet you in that space of connection, caring, and growth.